IATRA – Question Bank


What is the IATRA exam all about? Some pilots consider the IATRA exam to be a simplified version of the ATPL. The IATRA is neither a rating nor a license. It’s simply a 50 question written test and there is no flight test requirement. The IATRA enables a pilot with 250 hours of flight time to fly as a first officer in a multi-crew aircraft. A pilot with more than 750 hours of flight time would generally take the ATPL examinations. At The Wise Pilot, we’ve prepared 15 practice tests, with 50 questions each and with detailed explanations. Many of our questions are guaranteed to be on the actual Transport Canada written exam.


Our question bank is designed for seamless use across various devices, including mobile, tablet, and PC, providing flexibility and accessibility for users.


One of our founders helped develop the actual Transport Canada questions, so our questions will be similar to what you’ll see on the actual exam.


We regularly monitor and incorporate any changes made to the actual Transport Canada exams. Our question bank reflects the latest revisions.

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