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Our question bank is designed for seamless use across various devices, including mobile, tablet, and PC, providing flexibility and accessibility for users.


One of our founders helped develop the actual Transport Canada questions, so our questions will be similar to what you’ll see on the actual exam.


We regularly monitor and incorporate any changes made to the actual Transport Canada exams. Our question bank reflects the latest revisions.

The biggest dreams deserve the best support. The Wise Pilot is the nation’s leader in modular training for fixed-wing pilots. Our extensive and innovative suite of learning materials contains all the knowledge you need for success, allowing you to learn at your own pace and track your progress with ease. You can choose to fit your studies around existing commitments – no matter where you are in the world. We turn today’s students into tomorrow’s pilots. And we can do the same for you.

All our courses are prepared by our experienced team of instructors to prepare students for an exciting, challenging and rewarding future in the ever-changing aviation industry. After completing your training you will be able to download your record of ground school and after successfully passing your tests, a letter of recommendation for the written exam will be automatically emailed to you.

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Course Content

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Aerodromes and Airports
Aerodrome Markers and Markings
Aerodrome Lighting
Personnel Licensing and Training
Airspace Structure Classification and Use
Operating and Flight Rules
Operational and Emergency Equipment Requirements
Flight Preparation, Flight Plans and Flight Itineraries
Pre-Flight and Fuel Requirements
Operations at or in the Vicinity of an Aerodrome and Visual Flight Rules
Normal and Emergency Radiocommunications
Aircraft Requirements
Transportation Safety Board (TSB)
Air Traffic Services and Procedures
Air Law Progress Check
The Earth's Atmosphere
Meteorological Aspects of Altimetry
Temperature and Moisture
Atmospheric Stability and Instability
Lesson Content
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Clouds and Surface Based Layers
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/2 Steps
Wind and Turbulence
Air Masses and Fronts
Meteorological Hazards to Safety
Weather Reports, Forecasts and Meteorological Services Available to Pilots
Meteorology Progress Check
Airframes Engines and Systems
General Principles of Flight
Flight Instruments
Lesson Content
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Flight Operations
Lesson Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps
Human Factors
General Knowledge Progress Check
Navigation Progress Check
Practice Exams

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